Gas Cylinder Testing and Inspection Services: Frequently Asked Questions
Q How often does my camping or BBQ cylinder need to be tested?
A In Australia, all LP gas cylinders are required by law to be tested every 10 years.
Q Who can perform the 10 year test?
A Only licensed SAA test stations can perform 10 year tests on LP gas cylinders.
Q What is involved in a 10 year test?
A The inspection involves an internal and external visual inspection, if the cylinder passes we fit a new valve then hard stamp the cylinder with our test station mark and the test date.
Q How much does it cost to retest my camping or BBQ cylinder?
A Pricing depends on the type of valve fitted to the cylinder, not the size of the cylinder. See our price list page for details.
Q What if my cylinder fails the test?
A If the cylinder fails the inspection, we return the cylinder to you at no charge. Alternatively we offer a disposal service with a charge to the customer of AU$5.50 per cylinder.

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